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Discover the cleverest ways to deal with garage door issues with the assistance of these tips

Resetting an electric garage door opener

According to our experts in Palos Hills, the opener must move and stop when you instruct it with a click of a button or alternative mechanism. Ensure that the safety mechanism is working properly. Shut off the power at the breaker, and then wait 10 seconds before putting it back on. Press the arrows until set.

Weather seals for garage doors

This is one of the best ways of conserving energy and reducing your utility bills. Apply the material to the bottom edge, frame and in-between the panels. Cut the strip to size and then apply using Liquid Nails. Always aim for an airtight fit. Use nails to screw-on seals. Use galvanized screws that are self-anchoring.

Read and follow the instruction manual before conducting tests

Nowadays, garage doors are like today’s gadgets - technologically advanced. They can be equipped with sensors or detectors and can even be configured to your smart phone. Owing to these enhancements, you have to be more careful in conducting tests. While there are standard procedures, it is better to read the instructional manual first to determine if there are other additional steps you need to follow.

Don’t let toddlers play with the garage door remote

Kids should not be allowed to play with the wall buttons and remote controls of automatic or electric garage door openers. These are not toys and should be kept away from children’s reach. Our garage door experts point out how it is too risky letting unwitting kids take control of the garage door remote.

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