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What is the emergency release feature?

It is a safety feature that garage doors are equipped with for unexpected incidents such as accidents our blackouts. It is usually used when the garage door stops midway or when there is no power. The emergency release could also be used if anything gets stuck while the door is moving.

How long does it take to install a garage door opener?

According to our specialists in Palos Hills, installation of a garage door opener takes about two hours on average. Of course if the one installing is more experienced, it would take less time. It could also depend on how sophisticated the system is.

Should I replace my tracks?

When having a new door installed, you should also have new tracks installed. This will ensure that your door will function properly. Manufacturer brands are made to work with specific tracks. Our garage door repair company in Pallos Hills will install the tracks appropriate for your door.

Can my old garage door be taken away if I have a new one installed?

Different companies will offer different service in this regard. Some may offer to take your old door with or without an added charge. It's important to plan ahead and have an exact plan in place for the old door. Our company will gladly clear your old door when you hire us for replacement.

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