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Garage Door Spring Broke

Garage Door Spring Broke

It is frustrating to find that the garage door spring broke down particularly if you were away at the time. There is no remedy other than ensuring that the property is secure and at least a new pair of springs is installed safely. Start with preventative measures such as upholding regular maintenance schedules for the garage door. Things like rust, dust, mud, and oils can be your enemy when not handled correctly. It is also a good idea to lubricate the metallic parts which are vulnerable in the cold months.

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Garage Door Spring BrokeLook for the galvanized variety which is more likely to handle inclement weather particularly during the winter months. Most springs will run for 10,000 cycles so in all probability excessive closing and opening is going to have a negative impact on the longevity of these garage door parts. Check the motor gears in order to ascertain that they are not jarring on one another.


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